Taking a break from crossfit…and redhead gone primal

Sorry I have been keeping up with my posts, but you guys know I’m not the best at that anyway 😉 Life is just too crazy right now! On that note….due to some health issues, it looks like I won’t be crossfitting for a while…however I am allowed to do some slower long distance running, so I’m bringing back my old blog redheadrunningwild. So I would LOVE for you guys to keep following my life adventures in fitness and health there! But if not, that’s okay too! Either way you all rock for sticking with me and reading my blog 🙂


Breakfast Hashbrown Casserole


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Wow!! So much has been going on in the last few weeks, I’m not even sure where to start!!! I think I will have to break this into a few posts so I don’t overwhelm you with all the stuff that’s been happening lately!

Well I guess we can start with food. Because who doesn’t like that?! In my next post I will fill you in on how my Olympic lifting training is going as well as some new things happening on the school/what I’m going to do with my future front.

So you know how I told you guys about ETP and that I was starting that program? Well I did it for about a month, and discovered it’s not really for me. I didn’t see any increase in my performance, in fact I ended up feeling very lethargic and tired. Usually I don’t workout until 4, and going all day without carbs, relying just on fat and proteins for my intake resulted in me feeling pretty crummy. My body composition didn’t change at all either, so while I didn’t gain weight, I also didn’t lose any and I didn’t gain muscle. If anything I felt less “toned” and more soft. So I decided I needed to change things up AGAIN and figure out what I needed to do to increase and fuel my performance, while also trying to build lean muscle. 

So I sat down with one of my coaches who is BIG on nutrition, and after an hour and a half, we had figured out a plan for me. We decided I definitely did need to be eating more than the 1,400 calories I had previously been eating, but maybe not as many as ETP had me on (2,400). So we found a good balance at 2,000 calories per day. We know I’m still expelling more than this, so there should be a slight deficit which will allow my body to remove fat, but it’s still enough calories to build lean muscle. He also told me I didn’t need to be eating as much fat as ETP had me on (85 grams) which was another relief because I didn’t like doing that AT ALL, and think it is part of what was making me feel heavy and blah, because my body just doesn’t like fat very much. So we moved my fat down to 40 grams. As far as my carbs he actually left those about the same (between 250 and 300 grams) but wants me to spread them out equally between each meal. Finally he told me I didn’t need to be intaking the 175 grams of protein I was trying to consume, given my body weight is only 145. So we lowered that to 155 grams, which is much more reasonable in my opinion. 

So being the super OCD person I am, I took those macros and divided them out between 5-6 meals so I know what to be hitting for each meal. It comes out to *about 7 grams of fat, 40-50 grams carbs and 25-30 grams protein. Really this is very manageable and so far I have found it very easy to hit these macros at each meal. So, it seems like it could be the perfect fit for me!

I liked that my coach said to not worry about what everyone else is doing or what works for someone else, I have to figure out what works for me! So that’s what I’m doing!! He also said that for the most part athletes who are expending large amounts of energy don’t need to be doing crazy diets or restricting their macros to certain times of day. They just need to eat pretty “normal”, listen to their bodies, and make sure they are getting enough fuel. Easy, right?

As far as the types of carbs I’m eating, because I know you all are SO curious, I’m mostly  sticking to sweet and white potatoes, white rice and gluten free oat flour(for my protein pancakes of course!) Other things I changed is I do eat some dairy(gasp!!) because I can…meaning it doesn’t make me double over in pain. I still don’t drink cows milk, because I don’t like it, but I do eat some cheese…because it’s actually a good protein source and it’s yummy 🙂

Speaking of yummy, here’s a breakfast recipe I’ve been eating lately to help get some of those carbs! Obviously, it’s not paleo, sorry guys! BUT I will give you some substitutions you could use to make it paleo!!

Breakfast Hashbrown Casserole


  • 1 bag shredded hashbrowns(or you can make your own!! A paleo substitution here would be sweet potato hash browns, yum!)
  • 1 pound lean ground beef( I used 96/4 because I wanted to keep the fat in this recipe on the lower side)
  • 6 eggs
  • 1 cup egg whites
  • 1 1/2 cups almond milk
  • 1 onion (chopped)
  • 1 bell pepper (chopped)
  • 2 cups shredded fat free cheddar cheese (Paleo peeps just leave this part out! Could add in a few tbsp of nutritional yeast to keep that cheesy flavor!)
  • 2 tbsp onion powder
  • 2 tbsp garlic powder
  • 1 tbsp paprika
  • 1 tbsp chili powder
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. Spray a large class baking dish with olive oil or coconut oil. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Heat a large pan to medium and brown the meat. Add some salt and pepper as it cooks.
  3. Spread half the hashbrowns on the bottom of the baking dish. Next layer 1 cup of cheese and half the onion and pepper.
  4. Next add the beef, spreading evenly across the pan.
  5. Add the rest of the hashbrowns, onion and pepper.
  6. Wisk the eggs, egg whites, and almond milk in a large bowl. Add in the seasoning and pour the entire mixture on top of the casserole.
  7. Top with the remaining cheese, and put in the oven for 1 hour. Check and make sure the casserole is done by sticking a knife in the middle. If it comes out clean it’s ready! If not, give it about 10 more minutes!!
  8. Let cool, then cut with a knife and Enjoy!!! 


Serves: 8  Calories per serving: 249 Fat: 5 grams Protein: 28 grams Carbs: 21 grams



Core Galore!


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Hey guys! 

So I’m soo ready for the weekend! But it’s only thursday, so we aren’t quite there yet. I have to admit this semester has caught me off guard. I was really expecting it to be a nice easy semester with minimal work and some free time. HA ha ha ha….yes that’s the universe laughing at me. This semester is HARD. My grad classes are quite challenging, my teaching schedule is CRAZY, my crossfit training is pretty tough and takes 2-3 hours to complete, I am still in the process of finishing up my Physical Therapy School applications, oh and yeah I still work at the gym at the butt crack of dawn during the week….

But enough of my pity party, i need to just SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP! 🙂 Anyway, let’s talk about my training. So I’m still in limbo for about another week and a half until I start the oly club…so I’ve really just been coming in and doing whatever I want. Which can be fun, but can also be super frustrating and unproductive. I like to have a plan, a schedule, an idea of where I’m headed. So this is driving me a little crazy…

One thing I have started consistently focusing on, however, is my CORE. Apparently it’s kind of weak..which is lame and unacceptable. I tend to always have a sore lower back, especially after doing a movement that involves stabilization of my core, because my lower back automatically arches way too much and my core isn’t strong enough to counter-act that movement…KB swings, hang cleans, push press…I’m talking to YOU!



It’s hard to tell from this angle, but my back is definitely arching here…lame.

So…since this is sort of a problem, my coaches have given me about 5 million different core exercises to do every. single. day. Some of them I have to do twice a day…SAY WHA?! Here’s an example of what I did yesterday:

3 sets of 10 each direction: GHD Circles holding an 18 lb KB 

3 sets of 10 forward and backward: Alligator crawls with furniture sliders

3 x 30 second plank hold with 45 lb plate on back

4 sets of 25 Ab Mat Sit ups

3 sets of 15 GHD Sit ups

3 sets of 10 GHD Back Raises holding 15 lb plate

3 sets of 30 second hollow rock holds

3 sets of 10 Barbell Roll outs with a 35 lb bar and 25 lb plates on each side

And that’s not even all of it!!! So all I can say about this is I BETTER have a rockin’ 6-pack when all is said and done…but I probably won’t because that’s my life…BUT hopefully my Core will be SUPER strong 🙂 I am however, going to take some “before” and “after” pics of my “abs” just to see if there are any changes just for fun…so if there’s a difference after a month or so, I’ll let you know! 

So after teaching spin for an hour yesterday, then heading straight to a 3 hour crossfit training session, i was STARVING! So I got home and scarfed down one of these:

(Paleo peeps close your eyes, because this is NOT paleo…)


So this beauty is a homemade burrito, kind of a chipotle copy cat. With the amount of macros I need to get in after my workouts, a burrito with white rice, chicken, fajita veggies, salsa, black beans and a little full fat sour cream really fits the bill. I’ve definitely been on a burrito kick lately, but decided making my own homemade would be both cheaper and healthier 🙂 SO yeah it’s not paleo, but it works for what I need right now. Plus it’s delicious!!! 

In other news, SO pumped to get an hour long sports massage today! My muscles are in desperate need of some loosening up. I am still having an annoying “crick” in my neck that constantly bugs me and I am hoping this massage will help with that!!

P.S. I forgot to tell you guys we recused a kitten!! Her name is Danica, she’s such a sweet little thing 🙂

ImageHappy Thursday!!!





10,000 Meter Row for…fun?


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Today’s training was kind of random, and awesome. I went into the gym with no real plan on what I would do. I went to warm up on the rower per usual, and I was just feeling SOO good I decided, hey why don’t I just keep rowing and see what I can do? Originally I was thinking I’d shoot for 5,000 meters, but then someone asked me how long I was going to row and without thinking I said eh like 10,000 meters or so…um ok ? So that’s what I decide to do!


This is a bit deceiving because it really wouldn’t have taken me that long, but the first 500 meters I was doing a slow warm up, and I didn’t really decide I was going to do the 10,000 until about 1,000 meters in, at which point I decided to actually pace myself. So overall I kept about a 2:25/500 m pace, which would have put me at about 45 minutes. Overall this felt a lot better than I expected. It was more mental than anything, and a bit boring after awhile. I definitely think I could have done more…and I will try to go for 15,000 in a few weeks I think. It was good to do it just so I know I can.

After that I thought I may have trouble walking or functioning, but I was actually feeling pretty good so I did some deadlift work and then decide to work on my bar muscle ups. These things have been frustrating me for awhile because I have been using a purple band, which does very little to help me, and yet when I take it away I couldn’t even come close to completing them…can anyone say mental block? Anyway I was doing sets of 3 with the purple band and they were feeling really good, so I decided to just give it a go! And the result was…BOOM I got it with no problems! It actually felt really easy 🙂

After the awesome bar muscle ups I decided to do some core work because I’ve decided that’s part of why my back tends to get sore a lot. My core is too weak to take the weight so my back over compensates! So I asked the coaches what exercises I should do to help with this and the next thing I know I’m having 125 pounds piled on my back while I hold a plank elevated between 2 benches….sigh….that was a TOUGH one. I also did a crazy GHD exercises where I have to hold my core parallel while rotating my head/body in a circle around a PVC pipe. Needless to say, I’m sure I’ll be feeling that one tomorrow!

And now I think I’ll go eat some carbs….nom nom nom…

Ch Ch Ch Changes……


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So I’ve been MIA….again…sorry I do that sometimes. LIfe just crazy busy, ya dig? I am back at graduate school as well as teaching undergrad classes, still working at the gym in the mornings and spending a couple hours a night training for crossfit. So…yeah. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to write this post for a little while now but didn’t know exactly what to say. (Sorry in advance as this post will be a little long…)


So here’s the deal. Recently my training goals have shifted, and I am very seriously focusing on training for regionals and eventually the games. My coaches and I have gotten together and discussed what I want, where I want to be with my training and goals and when I can get there. Basically we’ve put together a 2 year plan, sounds crazy right? I can barely plan for next week let alone 2 years….but they have it all set up for me and the goal is to have me ready for regionals and hopefully the games by 2015. I’m still obviously hoping to make it to regionals this year, but that isn’t the main focus at this point. We would rather take the time to really get my form correct and my lifts strong and then be able to DOMINATE regionals next year. So for the next 3 months I’ll be participating in the Olympic lifting club, spending 2 plus hours a day oly lifting…woohoo…can you sense my (sarcastic) excitement?


I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of the idea of focusing mainly on oly lifts for 3 months, but I do understand why my coaches want me to do it and I trust them, so it’s what I’m gonna do!

Another change that has occurred is my eating. I discovered I have been severely under eating calorie and macronutrient wised based off of my exercise level. So I am not on what’s called the EAT TO PERFORM plan. You can read about it HERE, as it’s a little complicated for me to explain. Basically, I eat for performance, focusing on making sure I am getting the right amount of carbs, proteins and fats in, focusing on intaking most of my carbs pre and post workout. The idea is to burn more fat in the morning, and save my carbs for my workouts. So far I have already seen some awesome results with this. I am PRing some lifts and have WAY more energy during my workouts. Although this makes sense since I found out I was under eating by over 1,000 calories. Sheesh!


Image Source

Anyway, the other thing about this eating plan is it isn’t paleo, like at all. I still eat clean but because I need to get in A LOT of carbs quickly, I admittedly am using a lot of white rice and sometimes potatoes to meet my macros. I also sometimes have some not healthy things as well…ahem…m & m cookie ice cream sandwiches anyone?


So, I’m not sure how many paleo recipes I’ll be posting for you guys. And if that bums you out I’m sorry. What I will be doing is posting my training and what I am doing in case you want to know. And I’ll still post random eats and other fun things going on in my life.

So I’m not sure at this point if I will change the name of the blog or not, and I don’t want to take away any of the paleo resources I already have posted because I know some people find them helpful. But in the next few weeks you may see a bit of a shift in the blog. I’m not sure yet. I’ll keep you peeps posted!!!

So…if you made it through this post kudos to you!!! And I hope you’ll stick with me through this adventure 🙂

Steak…it’s what’s for dinner,breakfast and lunch!


Steak….yep, that’s what’s been on my mind lately. I am not a red meat person. I will have the occasional burger if I’m really craving it, but I’m not a fan of ground beef in general and steak usually makes me a bit queezy. I think it’s the texture…I’m not really sure. Anyway, this past week all I can think about is steak. As soon as I finish my workout, it’s all I want to put in my belly. I can only assume it’s my body’s way of telling me it wants lots of protein, and maybe iron…I don’t know. All I know is our bodies are smart and if they are craving something there’s usually a reason, so I have been eating lots of steak!

So as I’m writing this I have a really annoying “crick” in the left side of my neck, due to doing handstand push ups on a turf floor, which really means I was pretty much doing them on concrete…smart right? Plus we have done like… over 150 handstand push ups in the last week…which is a lot…so anyway, it’s annoying and I hope it goes away soon because “ain’t nobody got time for that”…

So my crossfit training is still going well! I love training with paige, she really pushes me and makes me better. I have been able to do so many things that I never even knew I could do! Plus I am finally feeling like I am legitimately making it through these workouts, not just struggling, gasping for air, crawling on the floor at the end. A lot of times I get done and even feel like I could do more!! But, this also means it’s time for me to step up my game and push myself harder because if I have energy left at the end of my workout, then I’m not working hard enough! I think i’m going to start incorporating some extra endurance training, like some swimming and running. Especially since Dave Castro just announced that for the 3rd? year in a row, there is a swimming event involved in the games…guess I better get working on that!

Speaking of endurance training, I almost forgot I have a half marathon to run in september….ha! A while back I convinced one of my friends at work to run it with me, this was back when I couldn’t crossfit and was doing a lot of running, because that’s pretty much all I could do. Anyway, then I started crossfitting again and the running went out the window…but now my friend has been training super hard and is all excited to run so I can’t bail out now! So I guess I should start doing a few long runs here and there….;-)

So another big thing in regards to my crossfit training that has happened this past week is I have decided to change up where I’m training. It’s a pretty sensitive topic so all I am going to say is I have really enjoyed training at the crossfit box I’ve been at for the past year, and I have learned so much from my coaches there and think of the people there as family. I will always have a special place in my heart for that box, but in order to grow as a crossfit athlete I have decided it’s time for a change.

Since I have such specific goals and training plans, it’s not enough to just do the regular gym WODs anymore. People crossfit for all sorts of reasons, and if being in shape is the main goal, the gym WODs are more than enough. However, I don’t just want to be in shape, I want to compete. I want to go to regionals, and hopefully even the games some day. These are real goals that I have, and I think they are possible. So I have found a place where I can focus on these goals. At my new box I am going to have access to a lot of different resources, including an amazing olympic lifting coach, gymnastics coach and many other very educated people who are going to work with me to achieve my goals.

We have already talked about what I want to do, and we are going to come up with a specific training plan based off of my strengths, weaknesses and what we think I need to focus on. As an exercise scientist and soon to be exercise physiologist, I love that they are letting me have a say in my programming and working with me to create a specific plan just for me. I’m really excited for this process. I am of course going to keep training with paige until she leaves for school (at which point I will cry lol), in fact they are very encouraging of me doing that, but once she leaves I will have to figure out where I’m at and what I need to do to keep improving. So hopefully there will be big things ahead! I am even toying with the idea of adding a “training” page where I will post what I’m doing so you can get an idea of my workouts if your interested..what do you think?

Well if you made it through all that, congratulations! That was kind of long…sorry…so now I will reward you with a recipe, and can you guess what the main ingredient is? STEAK of course!

Sizzlng Chicken and Steak Fajitas 


-1 lb boneless,skinless chick tenders

-2 thinner cut sirloin steaks

-5 Bell Peppers ( I did 1 red, yellow and orange and 2 green for variety)

-2 small yellow onions

-2 tbsp minced garlic

-1 tbsp olive oil

-1 tbsp steak seasoning(try to find a low or no sodium one)

-1 tbsp onion powder

-1 tbsp garlic powder

-1 tbsp chili powder

-1/2 tbsp cumin

-1/2 tbsp paprika

-1 tbsp Lawry’s seasoned salt

-Salt and pepper

I will be honest, I didn’t use exact measurements on the seasonings for this so you may have to wing it a little bit 😉


  1. Pull out two large skillets and heat them over medium.
  2. Season your chicken and steak with the above seasonings, splitting the seasoning evenly between the two meats, except use the seasoned salt only on the chicken and the steak seasoning on the steak(duh)
  3. I chose to cook my steak first, and then cook my chicken in the leftover steak juice, because of my ridiculous steak cravings lately, I kind of wanted my chicken to taste like steak HAHA Anyway, for the steak it’s a matter of preference, I like mine medium rare so I just did a few minutes on each side, then set aside to rest. Then I threw my chicken breast in and put the lid on. Cook for about 5-10 minutes per side, until the chicken starts to brown
  4. While your meats are cooking slice your peppers and onions into strips and throw into your second skillet with 1 tbsp olive oil. Season with salt and pepper, add the minced garlic and cover for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally until veggies are soft.
  5. When your chicken is done set it aside and transfer the veggies to the skillet where the meat was cooked. I do this so the veggies can get some of the flavor from the meat as well, trust me it’s sooo good. You will thank me later.
  6. Once the veggies have been tossed in the leftover meat juice or whatever, slice up your meats and mix it all together. I like to add in some hot sauce. Enjoy!


Sweet and Spicy Sweet Potato Fries


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Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a little while, last week was a pretty crazy week! I can honestly say I’ve never trained so hard in my life, but I absolutely LOVE it!!! Highlights of the week included PRing on my squat snatch, getting through EVA, which was a crazy WOD that literally took us almost 50 minutes, and getting 10 Ring Muscle Ups at the end of a pretty hard WOD. I am amazed at how much I am improving every day! Sure, there are still days where I struggle and can’t seem to get the weight I want or perform a certain skill, but everyday I am getting a little bit better!

I can’t believe we are already half way through July! Time is just flying, and I am realizing I’m going to be back to school way too soon! I also only have a few more weeks before my big GRE re-test, so I really need to buckle down on the studying!!! Sometimes I think there just aren’t enough hours in the day!! Then again, I know I would be bored if I didn’t have all this stuff to keep me occupied, so I can’t really complain!!

So it’s time for me to be honest with you guys…I haven’t been doing so great with my clean eating/cooking. I have been sooo exhausted from all my training that by the time I get home the last thing I want to do is cook. This has resulted in lots of take-out and not so great food, which has started to catch up to me. Not only have I been feeling lethargic but this morning I was VERY sick and couldn’t keep anything down. I guess it’s my body’s way of reminding me I need to treat it right! So…time to get back on that clean eating bandwagon!

I did some food prep today in honor of trying to feed my body better and I made some simple but delicious sweet and spicy sweet potato fries! They are a great side and work very well as part of a post-workout meal!! They are seriously so easy to make, but really hit the spot!

Sweet and Spicy Sweet Potato Fries


  • 2 medium sweet potatoes, peeled
  • 2 tbsp cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp paprika
  • 1 tbsp chili powder


  1. After you’ve peeled the sweet potatoes, cut them up into small matchstick sized fries
  2. Line a pan with foil and spread the sweet potato fries on the pan
  3. Spray the sweet potato fries with a layer of coconut oil
  4. Sprinkle half the seasoning on the fries, toss and cover with the rest of the seasoning, toss again
  5. Bake in a 375 degree oven for 40 minutes, tossing the fries half way through
  6. Devour! They are really yummy with some homemade olive oil mayo 🙂IMG_1027

P.S. If you’ve never heard of coconut oil spray, you are missing out!!! I found mine at my local health food store, but I’m sure places like whole foods have it as well! It’s nice because it gives the food that coconut flavor without adding quite as much fat since it’s just a spritz 🙂


The post that almost didn’t happen!


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I can not tell you how many times I tried to post this!! I was getting really fed up with wordpress and definitely contemplated throwing something…just not my laptop because it’s expensive…

So anyway, back to what I was trying to post days ago!! My rope burn is slowly getting better, but it still hurts A LOT. Lame. Especially when I whip it during double unders. Double Lame (HAHA). Yeah my rope burn is healed now…since it’s been a few days since I wrote this!! Training is going really really great. I am so lucky to be training with Paige this summer! It’s so nice to have a training partner to help push you and get you through the really tough workouts! It makes suffering through those last few reps way better!! It’s also been really nice having coach Tommy around to help us out, since we’ve been WODing in the evening, he’s been able to give us some really good tips and fix some problems I didn’t realize I had! We have been able to play with a lot of the cool equipment at fitbodies as well, including the sled which I hadn’t used until now! Although I kind of feel like a farm animal, it’s fun!

Here’s Paige and I after a tough workout. We thought it was pretty funny we showed up in pretty much the same outfit without even planning it!!


I have also increased all of my 1 rep max weights which is AWESOME! It’s funny, before now I hadn’t even really been keeping track of them that much, but now she has me writing EVERYTHING down and making little charts so I can track my progress, what a good idea! Another big thing for me was we did Fran on friday. If you are into crossfit you will understand what that means, if not, just know it’s a benchmark WOD, meaning pretty much every crossfitter does it and you kind of use your time on it to measure where you are at in reference to other good athletes. Anyway, this was actually only my second time doing Fran, and the firs time I had only been crossfitting a few weeks and had to use a band for the pull ups, so I really had no idea what time I would get doing it Rx’d.

I got 3:57, which I was VERY happy with! We also did Annie and Morrison, and next week we are doing Eva! So I’m getting to do a lot more of the benchmark and Hero WODs, which is great!

I got some really great stuff in the mail this week, including these amazing Rx bars!!!

IMG_0808If you have never heard of these or tried them, you should!! They are amazing! They are made with all natural ingredients by a guy in Chicago!! So when I order them I get them in like 1 day and he even included a hand written note!

Here’s the ingredient list in case your interested, I love how short it is!!


I also got these beauties in the mail, and I have to say I now understand what all the hype is about!!

V48452_01Source: Reebok.com

This is my first pair of nanos and I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! It’s a good thing too because my mom got me a custom pair for my birthday that should be arriving soon!!

So this post was supposed to include a recipe but I don’t feel like re-typing the whole thing again for the hundredth time so…I’ll just tell you this. I made some chicken stir fry using grilled chicken and random veggies I steamed and then added some coconut aminos and sesame oil. It was really good. The end!


Rope burn is no joke folks…but eating Chicken Enchilada Lasagna can make it better!


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Well, all I can say is I’m really really REALLY glad it’s Friday. Why you ask? Because that means it’s my rest day!!! Yeah…it’s been a tough week! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved every minute of getting my butt kicked and it’s been a great week for me as far as weights are concerned (I’ve already increased all my lifts just from working with the awesome Paige!). But I can’t lie to you friends, I am EXHAUSTED!

In other news…in case you are oblivious like me, I have a nice little lesson learned for you. ALWAYS wear knee socks when doing rope climbs. That’s probably a no brainer to most of you, but it wasn’t for me…and now I’m walking around with this beauty:

IMG_0737Yeah, that’s not marker or something,even though it looks fake. Unfortunately, that is rope burn ladies and gents, and it is NO JOKE! And it hurts REAL bad…So moral of the story here, sock up before you climb up!! Oh and in case you were wondering, I am indeed awful at rope climbs, although I didn’t know it until I had to do a million of them the other day. But I guess that’s just one more thing to add to my need to work on list. That thing is getting long….

So what am I going to do with my rest day you ask? Well shopping of course! My mom and I are heading up to the chicago area to shop at some awesome places like LULULEMON(my favorite workout clothes, obviously) and IKEA. So it should be a fun time!

On the food front, I made another delicious dinner last night, once again courtesy of the lovely Juli at PaleOMG. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I REALLY love her blog and food….Anyway, this one definitely hit the spot and even my super picky husband approved!!! However, I am going to warn you now so you don’t flip a lid, this dish is NOT  paleo…I mean it can be, there are easy modifications which I will give you so that you can make it Paleo, but the way I did it, well it wasn’t 100% Paleo friendly, and that’s okay for us because it was delicious and made our tummies happy!

Spicy chicken enchilada Lasagna (Adapted from PaleOMG)


2-3 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cooked and shredded

2 cans(10 oz each) Diced Tomatoes with green chiles

2 tsp cumin

2 tsp chili powder

2 tsp cayenne pepper

Salt and Pepper to taste

1/2 yellow onion, diced

2 tbsp minced garlic

1 jalapeño, diced

2 cans enchilada sauce(we like medium heat) 28 oz total

1 head of romaine lettuce, shredded

1 bag shredded kerrygold cheese (Can omit to make paleo friendly)

1 package gluten free lasagna strips (Can substitute for sweet potatoes or zucchini to make paleo friendly)


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. While oven is preheating, put a skillet over medium heat and throw in your shredded chicken and cans of diced tomatoes. Let mixture simmer over medium heat for a few minutes until heated and combined. Set aside.
  3. While chicken mixture is simmering, heat another skillet to medium and add your chopped onions, jalapeno and garlic to 1 tbsp oil and cook until onions are translucent.
  4. Add in cumin, chili powder, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, and enchilada sauce. Let mixture simmer for 5 minutes.
  5. Now assemble the lasagna using a large glass baking dish.
  6. Pour a little enchilada sauce on the bottom of the pan, then place a layer of lasagna noodles down(you may have to break the noodles in half) followed by a layer of the chicken mixture, then more enchilada sauce, shredded lettuce and finally cheese.
  7. Repeat this process for a second layer, then top the lasagna off with a final layer of noodles, sauce and cheese.
  8. Cover with foil and bake in the oven for 30-45 minutes depending on “noodles” being used. If your noodles are pre-cooked this won’t take as long. Also if you are using sweet potatoes or zucchini the cooking time will be closer to the 30 minutes mark. If you are using no-boil gluten free noodles, the cooking time will be longer!
  9. Once lasagna is cooked, remove from oven, cut into squares and serve!


Back at it and Peach Pork Chops are the bomb!


So…..obviously I’ve been MIA for quite some time. I apologize to those of you who were actually following this blog…I didn’t mean to disappear, but that’s life! The sparks notes version goes like this:

*Chapter 1: I hurt my back really bad while crossfitting due to incorrect form and stupidity *Chapter 2: I realized the only way I’d have any chance of getting better was to completely seperate myself from crossfit and take time off, meaning NO lifting weights or any of that jazz… *Chapter 3: I spent a total of 4 LONG months away from crossfit or lifting of any kind. I filled this time with lots of running and training for a half marathon, it was boring, I kept telling myself I loved running, it was a lie *Chapter 4: My back finally healed up “completely” and I was able to lift weights again. I started slow and did some WODs on my own at the gym I work at. It sucked. I hate WODing at a Globo gym. I may have cried a few times due to frustrations of not being able to do what I needed… *Chapter 5: I begged my hubby to let me go back to my crossfit gym, and because I am spoiled, he conceded and I signed back up *Chapter 6: I got my butt handed to me over and over again while struggling to get back in shape(I’m still in this chapter actually) I also have an awesome opportunity right now because my old high school friend who is AMAZING and got 9th place in Regionals because she’s a beast, is home for the summer and is letting me train with her!!!! 🙂 So stay tuned to hear about all the crazy training I’ll be doing and hopefully my journey towards trying to get to regionals 2.0!!!

So now onto more important things. FOOOOD!! Well I won’t even tell you about my eating during this sad time, it wasn’t fantastic and definitely wasn’t Paleo….but that’s okay because I’m human! Also during my time away I found out some sad news regarding my health. Turns out I have genetically HIGH cholesterol…so that’s just awesome…and it means I can’t have as much fat, even the good kind, as other people. So I have modified my diet and  while I still eat very clean and unprocessed, it’s not totally paleo, because I can’t have that much fat, and I have to compensate with other things, like the occasional rice or ezekial bread… So that’s just the way it is for me, if you aren’t cool with that or some of the recipes I may post that are non-paleo, you don’t have to read my blog! 🙂 But if you like eating delicious healthy food….keep reading!!

Okay, I got side tracked again…oh yeah..tonight’s dinner. It was bomb. Seriously…you will die. I got the idea from the amazing Juli Bauer over at PaleOMG to mix pork chops and peaches together. It sounded a little odd but I thought what the heck?! Well…she’s a genius(duh) and if you haven’t bought her cookbook..do it now!

Peach Basil Chutney Glaze Pork Chops with Sauteed Summer Veggies (Adapted from Juli Bauer’s peach pork chops)


For pork chops:

  • 4 boneless pork chops
  • 2 tsp thyme
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tbsp white vinegar
  • Salt and pepper

For peach glaze:

  • 2 peaches
  • 1-2 tbsp basil(I used dried but fresh would be better)
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1/4 cup water


  1. Marinate pork chops in olive oil, white vinegar, thyme and salt and pepper. I just threw it all in a zip lock and placed in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
  2. Heat a skillet to medium heat and place the chops in there.
  3. Let the chops brown on both sides(about 5-7 minutes) and then lower heat to medium low and place lid on skillet. Let cook for another 10-15 minutes until chops reach an internal temperature of 145-150 Degrees F.
  4. While the chops are cooking, make your peach chutney glaze by cutting the peaches into small cubes and throwing them in a sauce pan with the water, honey and basil. Bring to a boil and let simmer until the glaze thickens. Scoop over pork chops!
  5. For the summer veggies I just chopped up various veggies and blanched them (kind of like steaming) at the beginning of the week, so I just threw some of those in with the chops in the final minutes to add flavor.
  6. Devour!