DUDE….I know, I know. Where have I been?? Well…I’m sorry guys. I know I kind of disappeared, for like, a whole month. My bad. Life just got really crazy, and blogging had to take a back seat. I really missed you guys though, and it appears I just can’t stay away!

However, I’ve decided to take it down a notch from now on. AKA I’m going to lower your expectations of my ability to blog everyday and always have amazing new recipes for you. It just ain’t gonna happen peeps. So instead, I am shooting for a weekly post, maybe a few random ones in between. That way I can keep you filled in on the going ons in my life, including the crossfit workouts, grad school craziness and healthy eating, without overloading myself and letting you all down. My life is just too crazy right now to post everyday, so deal! 🙂

I will also still try to bring you awesome sauce recipes, but I have to tell you my eating habits have gotten VERY simple and frankly a bit boring lately…which is why it would be a yawn for the both of us for me to post my meals everyday….SO, I’m thinking a new recipe once a week or every few days is much more doable…so that’s what you can expect! Although, I may still let you down. That’s life. 

So, without making this the longest post in the history of posts, here’s what I’ve been up to lately!!

  • Crossfit, crossfit oh and more crossfit! I’ve been working on my oly lifts and strength through the outlaw program, and I’ve noticed BIG differences. I am now at the point where I feel comfortable adjusting the program and making it my own, to fit my needs and goals, so I’ll be following a modified version from now on. 


  • Studying like a mad woman, owning Grad School like it’s my job! (It sort of IS my job, since I get my tuition paid for and all…)
  • Teaching those undergrad kids how to excel in life!
  • Writing a 30 page LIt Review-this one I JUST finished, man it feels good to have it done!
  • Dealing with the lame side affects of overtraining….because I’m not always so good at listening to my body 😦 THEN coming up with a new training plan to PREVENT this from happening in the future!
  • Also dealing with stupid lower back pain that has been really frustrating, but I’m figuring it out. Lots of stretching, rotating between heat and ice, getting mad when I can’t finish a WOD, wanting to cry, then realizing I’m acting like a girl, sucking it up and figuring out a way to work around the pain. THEN I found 2POOD belts, and things are looking up! 🙂

Image Source

For me, it looks like a metcon belt it necessary for my heavier lifts because I tend to over arch my back which equals major lower back pain. BUT the belt comes in HOT PINK, so it’s all good…Plus I look very hardcore wearing it 🙂 It also makes me feel safe and secure, and I think I’ll be able to lift heavier on my lifts now without the fear of hurting my back! Winning!

  • Working on my nutrition, especially my pre and post workout nutrition, to maximize my training results and give my body what it needs to dominate! This is why my meals have gotten boring as I mentioned earlier, I’m more focused on fueling my body for performance right now, so I eat a lot of the same things everyday. This is just what’s working for me right now. I find I do better when I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to eat because it’s already planned out. I’m following the KISS motto right now, Keep It Simple Stupid 🙂 
  • Getting ready to leave for LAS VEGAS this coming weekend to finally get my crossfit certification!! SO PUMPED! I will definitely keep you guys filled in on how that goes!! 🙂
  • Also getting ready for thanksgiving which is NEXT week…crazy!! 

Ok, well that’s pretty much what’s been happening with me lately. I promise not to be gone so long this time. Oh and I also promised a friend I would share my recipe for homemade marinara sauce and turkey meatballs…so I will try to post that soon!