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I can not tell you how many times I tried to post this!! I was getting really fed up with wordpress and definitely contemplated throwing something…just not my laptop because it’s expensive…

So anyway, back to what I was trying to post days ago!! My rope burn is slowly getting better, but it still hurts A LOT. Lame. Especially when I whip it during double unders. Double Lame (HAHA). Yeah my rope burn is healed now…since it’s been a few days since I wrote this!! Training is going really really great. I am so lucky to be training with Paige this summer! It’s so nice to have a training partner to help push you and get you through the really tough workouts! It makes suffering through those last few reps way better!! It’s also been really nice having coach Tommy around to help us out, since we’ve been WODing in the evening, he’s been able to give us some really good tips and fix some problems I didn’t realize I had! We have been able to play with a lot of the cool equipment at fitbodies as well, including the sled which I hadn’t used until now! Although I kind of feel like a farm animal, it’s fun!

Here’s Paige and I after a tough workout. We thought it was pretty funny we showed up in pretty much the same outfit without even planning it!!


I have also increased all of my 1 rep max weights which is AWESOME! It’s funny, before now I hadn’t even really been keeping track of them that much, but now she has me writing EVERYTHING down and making little charts so I can track my progress, what a good idea! Another big thing for me was we did Fran on friday. If you are into crossfit you will understand what that means, if not, just know it’s a benchmark WOD, meaning pretty much every crossfitter does it and you kind of use your time on it to measure where you are at in reference to other good athletes. Anyway, this was actually only my second time doing Fran, and the firs time I had only been crossfitting a few weeks and had to use a band for the pull ups, so I really had no idea what time I would get doing it Rx’d.

I got 3:57, which I was VERY happy with! We also did Annie and Morrison, and next week we are doing Eva! So I’m getting to do a lot more of the benchmark and Hero WODs, which is great!

I got some really great stuff in the mail this week, including these amazing Rx bars!!!

IMG_0808If you have never heard of these or tried them, you should!! They are amazing! They are made with all natural ingredients by a guy in Chicago!! So when I order them I get them in like 1 day and he even included a hand written note!

Here’s the ingredient list in case your interested, I love how short it is!!


I also got these beauties in the mail, and I have to say I now understand what all the hype is about!!

V48452_01Source: Reebok.com

This is my first pair of nanos and I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! It’s a good thing too because my mom got me a custom pair for my birthday that should be arriving soon!!

So this post was supposed to include a recipe but I don’t feel like re-typing the whole thing again for the hundredth time so…I’ll just tell you this. I made some chicken stir fry using grilled chicken and random veggies I steamed and then added some coconut aminos and sesame oil. It was really good. The end!