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Today’s training was kind of random, and awesome. I went into the gym with no real plan on what I would do. I went to warm up on the rower per usual, and I was just feeling SOO good I decided, hey why don’t I just keep rowing and see what I can do? Originally I was thinking I’d shoot for 5,000 meters, but then someone asked me how long I was going to row and without thinking I said eh like 10,000 meters or so…um ok ? So that’s what I decide to do!


This is a bit deceiving because it really wouldn’t have taken me that long, but the first 500 meters I was doing a slow warm up, and I didn’t really decide I was going to do the 10,000 until about 1,000 meters in, at which point I decided to actually pace myself. So overall I kept about a 2:25/500 m pace, which would have put me at about 45 minutes. Overall this felt a lot better than I expected. It was more mental than anything, and a bit boring after awhile. I definitely think I could have done more…and I will try to go for 15,000 in a few weeks I think. It was good to do it just so I know I can.

After that I thought I may have trouble walking or functioning, but I was actually feeling pretty good so I did some deadlift work and then decide to work on my bar muscle ups. These things have been frustrating me for awhile because I have been using a purple band, which does very little to help me, and yet when I take it away I couldn’t even come close to completing them…can anyone say mental block? Anyway I was doing sets of 3 with the purple band and they were feeling really good, so I decided to just give it a go! And the result was…BOOM I got it with no problems! It actually felt really easy 🙂

After the awesome bar muscle ups I decided to do some core work because I’ve decided that’s part of why my back tends to get sore a lot. My core is too weak to take the weight so my back over compensates! So I asked the coaches what exercises I should do to help with this and the next thing I know I’m having 125 pounds piled on my back while I hold a plank elevated between 2 benches….sigh….that was a TOUGH one. I also did a crazy GHD exercises where I have to hold my core parallel while rotating my head/body in a circle around a PVC pipe. Needless to say, I’m sure I’ll be feeling that one tomorrow!

And now I think I’ll go eat some carbs….nom nom nom…