Hi! I’m Jenna Cabrera and I’m a 23 year old Redhead Fitness Enthusiast who has a love for Crossfit and a Paleo/Primal Lifestyle (with some unhealthy treats thrown in). I have been crossfitting for about a year now, but was out for about 4 months with a lower back injury and am coming back with a bang! Now I am working towards training for competitions and the goal is to make it to regionals for 2014!

I’m also a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor and am currently working towards getting my Strength and Conditioning certification. I am also in my second year as a grad student at ISU getting my Masters in Exercise Physiology and am a Graduate Teaching Assistant. I hope to start a doctorate physical therapy program by next summer, so I’ve definitely got some big plans!

For years I have had some LAME stomach problems that have gone mostly unexplained. I tried tons of different “diets” and cut out all sorts of different foods but didn’t really feel better until I went Paleo/Primal. Once I started eating clean, my bloating, naseua, and overall feeling crappy went away! However, due to my genetically high cholesterol and suspected crohns, I have a hard time eating a lot of fat so I have now turned to a more modified paleo eating approach. So not everything I eat is strictly paleo, but I do try to be as healthy as possible and do what works for me!  I am slowly developing a love for cooking and experimenting in the kitchen while learning all that I can about how to fuel my body with good wholesome food.

My sweet, patient hubby (aka the Love of my Life) has been my taste tester and is helping me on my journey towards becoming the best me possible! He also puts up with my crazy crossfit rants even when he doesn’t understand half of what I’m saying, and massages my sore body after a long workout week 🙂 That’s real love peeps

*This BEAUTIFUL picture was taken by my amazingly talented friend Whitney Clark, you can check out her blog here: Images By Whitney. Not only is she a super-talented photographer, but she’s also a fellow cross fitter!!

So that’s me! I hope you enjoy this page and all the craziness that will most certainly be involved!!

*Disclaimer: I’m not a health professional, all the information on this site are my personal opinions!! 🙂


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